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Get Your Film Projects Noticed


The Data Analytics  Platform For Filmmakers

FilmDove delivers audience insights, reviews and perspectives to filmmakers.

Our platform helps filmmakers engage with thier market to get feedback on their pilots, episodes, docu-series and films.

Get Your Film Project Noticed

Private Online Screenings

Showcase your high quality pilot, episode or film to critics worldwide with FilmDove’s HLS  adaptive streaming technologies

Audience Insights

Collect audience feedback from film festivals all over the world. Invite audiences and critics to rate and review your project securely.

Track Industry Momentum

Present your audience and screening data to industry decision makers while staying in touch with your market. 

Bet On Your Vision

Filmdove is for filmmakers who wants the industry to understand the value of their script or film. With FilmDove, filmmakers will have the data they need to show the potential of their film project. FilmDove collects data from film festivals, private screens screenings and industry critics. All the data you need for you to present to industry decision makers, whenever you need it.

Studio Grade

Technology & Security

The Filmdove platform is built with  studio grade DRM content protection. This type of encryption is required for studio grade content and ensures playback only occurs with authenticated users on the authenticated video players.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) provides best-practices guidance and control frameworks to help major studio partners and vendors design infrastructure and solutions to ensure the security of digital film assets. FilmDove is an MPAA compliant company. 

With FilmDove, filmmakers recieve the latest streaming technologies. Their post production cuts, test screenings, and pre-distribution releases can be presented to investors, film festivals, critics, screeners, and studios at anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Get Your Film Project Noticed

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